About Us

Our Story


Three decades have passed since Universal Sales Agency (USA) was formed in Long Island, NY. Three decades.. From humble beginnings, USA has become one of the world’s largest Independent distributors of IT products and often a valuable option to the traditional distribution model. Since 1986, USA has partnered with over 10,000 industry resellers and has sold over $2B of IT products across the globe. Being in business for thirty years, as the same family, and the same core model,is something we are extremely proud of. In the world of IT distribution, which is chock full of “Johnny come lately’s”, Universal Sales agency has stood true to our core values and principles. We are so grateful to our customers of which many have become family along the way. Without you, we realize that our business would be nothing. So,instead of writing paragraphs filled with descriptive statements about integrity and values, etc, we would like to just simply say “Thank you.

Our Expertise

Our expertise comes from over a quarter century of experience in trading a wide range of PC, Server and Networking equipment. Our global purchasing abilities have made us one of the most competitive second source distributors in the world. We stand tall and proud with our customers and ensure them that they will get the best service available in this industry. “DELIVER WHAT YOU PROMISE” has been our motto ever since the company was founded in New York in 1986. Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional product, for an exceptional price with exceptional service that same day. We welcome you to experience the beginning of your future with us. Call or email one of the professional sales staffs today.

Why choose us

10% Added yearly gross profit minimum

10% Or more savings from your distribution prices

Net 30 Payment for all invoices if Aproved and Insured

Early Payments Discounts on Accounts Recievables

Configurations of all servers and systems in house to meet your specific needs