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Customer Service


Customer Service

Cyber Marketing and Research is an independent global wholesale and retail distributor of Servers and Options, Storage and Components, Printers, Networking and Consumer Electronics.Our expertise comes from the 20 plus years of experience in trading a wide range of PC, Server and Networking equipment. Our global sourcing abilities have made us one of the most competitive second source distributors in the US and through out the world.


What to expect from us

  • 10% Or more savings from your distribution prices
  • 10% Added yearly gross profit minimum
  • Net 30 payment for all invoices if approved and insured
  • Early Payment discounts on accounts receivables
  • Configuration of all servers and systems in house to meet your specific needs
  • Qualified and Professional sales staff that cater to the your needs.
  • 24 Hour order processing and late shipping cutoff times
  • Same day shipping
  • Reverse buys – CMR buys your liquidation stock of products at end of every quarter
  • 30 day RMA policy.